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We live and work in a city with an unbelievable number of talented creatives.  Over the past five years we've been incredibly encouraged by our community (the term community is intentional - we are strong believers in community, not competition).  Statistics estimate that 2.4 million weddings happen each year.  If each cinematographer took on 25 weddings (our sweet spot), there would essentially be 96,000 successful businesses.  The problem isn't getting work - it is getting the right work. The work that makes your heart go "boom boom," (haha, you know what we mean!), the work that makes you love your craft and keeps the desire to create burning.

As a team, we've worked with hundreds of clients over the past six years and have learned how to find the right clients - the kind that you want to grab a drink with.  We had to work our butts off, but indeed, it has paid off. In 2013 we started filming weddings for *literally* pennies, taking whatever came our way with an insane level of enthusiasm. Last year we booked our first $10k wedding. We've experienced countless of intimate moments - the ones our clients have invited us into by choosing us to film their love stories - and have learned the art of stewarding those moments properly, from capturing to post-production to delivery.  We've experienced creative burnout (anyone else out there?!) and the growing pains of running a business.  We've had to learn how to work with family - a true struggle with big payoffs. But through every experience we've learned the joys that come from capturing amazing moments and we've felt the pride that comes from giving 150% to every project.  These mentorships are designed to help you hit that stride too.  Choose a session and let's do this thing!

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create w/sofía


Sofia is a genius behind the camera and in post-production. With this 2 hour session you will film a couple for an hour and talk post-production for one hour. Sofia will share her secrets for directing couples and capturing meaningful moments that don't make the couple or the cinematographer feel awkward. The end goal is to create an atmosphere for love to flow and for you to capture it in an emotional yet fun way. There will also probably be chocolate involved, because Sofía is a firm believer in that chocolate makes everything better.

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business strategy


Josh lives and breathes for spreadsheets. JK. No one actually likes spreadsheets, but Josh is a wizard at casting vision for businesses. With his M.A. in Strategic Leadership, he will gladly come along side you and analyze your current business plan, website, and discuss your goals in order to set you up for success! This session is 1.5 hours and includes coffee - because we all know that that's part of running a successful business. Whether it's business taxes, client relations and invoicing, managing emails, or getting a client to book - Josh will walk you through what he's learned and puts into practice in keeping Alma alive and well.

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gimbals + gear


We've filmed on almost every camera system from Canon to RED. With this 1.5 hour session, we will walk you through whatever questions you have with hands-on learning- balancing a gimbal, setting picture profiles, how to get that smooth shot (seriously, our gimbal walk is tight), etc. We'll work with the gear you have and will be willing to show you what we use when we shoot weddings locally and internationally.

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the whole package


A half-day meeting with the Alma team. We'll talk business strategy, talk gear, go on a shoot, and work on post-production. Again, we're about community, so nothing is off limits here. We'll talk about booking, bookkeeping, filming, post-production, work-life balance, our CRM, how to work with a spouse, brother, brother-in-law, our favorite ice cream flavor, ANYTHING. We'll be sure to have fun, talk business, and eat great food!



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