Beautiful Fall Wedding - Liz + Bret - Minnesota Wedding Videographer


At the end of the summer wedding season we love to stop and look back at the year. We’re always blown away at the amazing clients we get to work with. A year ago we got to capture Liz & Bret’s beautiful fall wedding, and have been all smiles remembering the fun we had.

These two light up the room when they’re together. Their ceremony was graced with fall leaves swirling around, flocks of geese migrating for the winter, and heartfelt vows all while surrounded with their beloved family and friends.

We’re so inspired by the way Liz & Bret love each other and those around them. That’s why we feel we have the best job on earth.

We said, ‘Lord, make her happy,’ and you know? She met you Bret; and you made her happy. You made her smile. You loved her like no one else.