Hutton House Wedding Video - Taylor + Jamey - Minneapolis Videographer

Hutton House Wedding Video Taylor Jamey Minneapolis Wedding Videographer

We met Taylor & Jamey at a wedding of all places - his sister's wedding that we were filming! They weren't engaged yet, but were soon after. Jamey's sister, Hayden, tells how their relationship began. They met and Jamey was smitten - I mean, how couldn't he! We love the sense of humor and love for fun these two have. We got to film a fun in-home session a week before their their wedding. They danced around the kitchen listening to their favorite songs while making pancakes. It was adorable. 

Taylor & Jamey's wedding was the very first wedding at The Hutton House, a beautiful new venue minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Their powerful vows, excitement, love and the support of their family and friends left us wiping tears from our faces (not just saying that either)! We are so glad to have been a part of this amazing day. Since their wedding we've gotten breakfast together and talked about marriage, and even spent an evening wandering around downtown Minneapolis with them during Super Bowl week! We're so thankful for amazing clients like these two. 

Taylor, you have done nothing but captive me. I want you to know that what I vow to you today will not be overly elegant or eloquent, but I mean everything I say to my deepest core... Taylor, I vow to choose to love you - and only you - everyday for the rest of my life.