Finest Playa Mujeres Resort Wedding Video - Natalie + Steven - Destination Videographer

Destination Wedding Videographer

How we met Natalie and Steven is a CRAZY story. We came across their wedding website by chance and after reading about them and the incredible events they had planned, we decided to take a chance and RSVP... yeah, you read that right -- We RSVPed to a complete stranger's wedding. We were not invited, haha! We totally forgot about it until months later when we received an email from Natalie saying that she read our message and had just been stressing about not having booked a videographer. After a FaceTime call and a few emails, we were suddenly headed to Cancun. Their wedding was 2 weeks away, and we were excited out of our minds to meet them and film their wedding. We're so grateful to have met them. The circumstances on how we met them make it even better!

There are weddings, and there are parties - Natalie and Steven's wedding weekend was a party. We spent five days with them at Finest Playa Mujeres and felt like best friends by the time we left. The festivities began with a welcome fiesta steps from the ocean the night before their wedding. Live music, fresh tacos, the most beautiful sunset and a beach bonfire later, we realized their wedding was going to blow us away. And it did. They got married on the beach and danced the night away with everyone they love. Their love for each other is inspiring! 

My definition of having one true love is when you know there is no one in the world who even compares to your person. There’s no one I’d rather be with than you... I love you all the sand and all the stars