Patagonia Proposal - Andrés + Andrea - Destination Videographer


This January was a little different for us. We spent the month in Chile visiting and vacationing with our family, and it was such an amazing experience. Andrés had mentioned last summer that he was going to propose to his girlfriend Andrea soon, and it got me thinking of a plan… Our parents celebrated 35 years of marriage right before the holidays and I thought a vow renewal in the country where they met, fell in love and got married would be beautiful. So we did it. We crafted an elaborate plan for our family to travel to Chile, take a trip to southern Chile where Patagonia begins, and to do their vow renewal there. Our mom bought a beautiful white dress, we wrote a ceremony, the guys got haircuts and the girls got their nails done — and we all kept the proposal a secret! The vow renewal video is coming and it will make you weep. It was truly one of the most beautiful moments to witness and capture - especially since it was our parents renewing their vows.

We’re so excited to share Andrés & Andrea’s proposal video with you today! It was unspeakably beautiful and meaningful, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

What she thought was supposed to be my parents’ 35 year vow renewal was actually my secret plan to ask her to marry me in Patagonia